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Zombie Gf Set

Zombie Gf Set

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Longest video I did so far!

On Halloween every year your Zombie girlfried comes to haunt you 🤫
She is very hungry.... but only for one specific part of your body 👀
She shows this off by teasing you a lot...

You can already tell what she likes, she slaps and grabs her asss a lot in these 10 minutes of teasing, before you and her get into the real deal 😏
She is definetly not shy to shove her asss into your face and also sitting on your face!!

Who doesnt enjoy a lot of face sitting, riding, b0oty bouncing, spanking and hard b0oty grabs??
Well your Zombie gf enjoys it A LOT!

Did you know that Zombies drool a lot?
At least this one does, dr0oling all the time in this video, you can see the drool dr0pping from her tongue onto you all the time... 💦

To top all of this, Zombie gf sent you 25 pictures with the video too!
Ass lovers will enjoy this a lot 😏

With all that bo0ty bouncing and reverse cowgirl position you can clearly tell what she is hungry for...

Will you finally give her what she desires?
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