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Goombette Set

Goombette Set

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***Linger1e with open cr0tch ***

I know Goombette is not a very famous Mario villain but her design is so cute, I had to cosplay her 🙈💗

But even if you don't know what I am talking about it does not really matter because my lingerie and my body will still convince you to want to get to know me more (if you know what I mean hehe)
My linger1e is only a very tight lace body, the cr0tch is open so I had to tape my kitty with tape, but you can still see the outer shape 🙈
The lace is also not doing a good job at hiding anything, so enjoy that :p
The set was not meant to be that l3wd but I totally forgot that the body did not really cover anything haha

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