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Elf Duo Set 69

Elf Duo Set 69

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69 Style elf gfs

I had a lot of fun with @alixx.rosa again!
This time we were even more touchy than in the first set we did together 👉👈
Maybe it escalated a bit 🙈

We start of by caressing each others bodies until we undress each others bras 👀
After massaging each other we cannot leave our hands to ourselves so I get on top off alixx with my buttt in her face 69 style, while she massages and kisses my buttt (and maybe even a bit more than just my butt😳) you are very welcome to watch 👀

But after Alixx was taking such good care of me, it is now time I take care of her 😏

So she gets on top off me and I also make sure she knows I love it 💕
So I kiss and massage her booty too...
After we are done with each other we invite you to now join us, I hope you can take care of the both of us 💖

The whole video is almost 10 minutes long!!! and we also added 33 pictures with no bra <3 So it is a very huge set for you eheh
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