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Elf Blue Dress Set

Elf Blue Dress Set

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An elf visits you in your medieval village....
She has no pure thoughts in mind so she invites you to me3t her in the village center 💖

She awaits you already while passionately eating some strawberries, you can watch her do so 🍓

But it turns out these were no ordinary strawberries...
Because after eating them she suddenly starts to t0uch herself and seems to really get into the mood...

You can see it in her face that she really enjoys this, until she cannot hide it any longer. She need more than this!!

So she gets on all fours, if this is not a clear invite then idk what is....

She crawls on all fours right in front of you, signaling you to hurry up!
Will you?

All of this plays in a beautiful scenery with the best HD quality possible!


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