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Cat Duo Set with Alixx.rosa

Cat Duo Set with Alixx.rosa

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Master? 💖
Please adopt me and @alixx.rosa 🥺👉👈

As you can see we are not good at keeping our hands to ourselves, we just need to touch each other 🙈

I hope you dont mind too much, we can let you join if you want...
But first enjoy watching us together :3

At first we start to look each other in the eyes, until we already get touchy and rub our bodies against each other 💖
I just can not stop grabbing alixx b00bs, until we start to undress each other

We take of our micro binkini tops, touching and massaging them, rubbing them together.
I also rub my b00ty in your face while grinding on alixx leg 🙈 Just a little naughty kitten...
After this teasing I take Alixx, pull her closer to me and pin her to the floor...

You can only imagine what happened after, We invite you to join us. But you can also keep watching, whatever you prefer 👀

The video is 5 minutes long and we added over 20 pictures as well!

Btw... please ignore the bruise on my butt, I am just a bit clumsy uwu


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